Explore Ecuador: the ultimate tourist destination

Ecuador is one of the most attractive places in South America. This country is mainly known for its tourist diversity that attracts thousands of travelers from all over the world throughout the year. Numerous beautiful places, historical attractions, breathtaking beaches, rivers, cities and other naturally beautiful sites are spread all over the nation.

Here, we have created a summary guide for the travelers that will help you to get an overview.

Chimborazo Circuit Trek:

This 5-day trek will take you to the highest volcanic point of Ecuador. Throughout the hiking trail and the surrounding mountains, you will get plenty of spectacular natural sceneries and picturesque landscapes to capture in your camera. You have to start your hike from Riobamba and need to reach the village of Tisaleo by driving for an hour. At the first part of the trek, you will be lead through the Paramao highlands of San Antonio and you will be stunned by seeing the beautiful valley of Salasaca. Throughout the whole hike, tourists need to stay in the tents.

Exploring the essence of the traditional culture of South America, food and cultural habit and other native practices throughout the 5-day trek is simply outstanding to experience.

Devil’s Nose Train:

This Devil’s nose train or The Nariz del Diablo ride departs from the beautiful, old and lively city – Riobamba – itself is a spectacular tourist destination. Do you want to walk down through the paved streets? Want to shoot those beautiful colonial architectures in vivid pastel shades? Then you must spend some days here, in this capital city of Chimborazo Province. The additional attraction here is the picturesque mountains and volcanoes surrounded here.

Experiencing a spectacular journey through the cloud forests, cool breeze through the beautiful mountains and the amazing coastal forests of Ecuador – will leave you spellbound. Experienced travelers advice that you must wear layers of clothing to accommodate yourself as the 4-5 hours train ride will make you experience the extreme weather change. Want to make the ride more adventurous?

You can get off either in the town of Alausi or Sibambe according to your tour plan.

Anakonda Riverboat:

Do you want to experience some adventure in the rainforest of Amazon? This Anakonda Riverboat is just for you. Here, you can experience the most unique and comprehensive adventures. Explore the amazing prism of life throughout the Amazon Basin.

Navigate down the river on the exciting vessel to explore the unique environment here. Amazon provides you with some unexpected and amazing encounters with nature. Yasuni – the largest National Park of Ecuador is here. The diverse wildlife of the Ecuadorian rainforest will leave you simply spellbound. You can climb on the observation tower to experience the unique forest and the black water rivers conducted by the turtles and otters. Also, you can hike through the long trails to enjoy the amazing flora that creates a beautiful green environment here.

Also, you can enjoy the leisure holidays by performing all the outdoor activities with the amazing kayaks, hammocks and more.

The romantic tour:

Ecuador offers all types of romance and intimacy perfectly mixed up with the splendid colonial grandeur. If you want to feel the excitements of the beautiful cloud forest and the calmness of nature – the hot springs, mountain spas are the perfect option to pamper yourself here with your partner or the family members.

Explore the cobbled paths, the maze of the terracotta tiles, colonial courtyards, beautiful gardens, in short, the traditional colonial settings of Hacienda Cusin in Otavalo and Patio Andaluz in Quito. Relax with your partner in the secluded cabin inside the cloud forest hearing the hummingbirds and watching the colorful butterflies. Enjoy your leisure holidays in the health-spa of Papallacta to rejuvenate those intimate times.

Experience the authentic Galapagos cruises

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Different types of cruises are:

Luxury cruises: Though it is quite difficult to define luxury in these Galapagos Islands, travel in a luxury cruise in complete style and comfort is the dream of every tourist visits here. These cruises are specifically designed to meet the highest demand and standard of the passengers. Every crew members here is passionate about offering the best service. Just choose a small private yacht from the luxury cruise collection to visit Galapagos along with your family and friends.

Sailing boats: There is no such experience like sailing the beautiful Galapagos Islands. If you want to communicate with nature, sailing boats are the best option to choose. A sailing tour can take you to the far remote corner where you can spot out various types of animals in their actual habitats. If you want to experience an adventurous journey with the nautical experience, these sailing boats are the best option for you. You will be offered here with impeccable security, ultimate comfort and heartiest hospitality. The itineraries are designed to take you to the amazing remote islands.

First class cruises: There exist a variety of options for the first class cruises in Galapagos. Galapagos catamarans are especially famous for being spacious and stable and thus they are mostly recommended by the passengers.

More cruise options: According to your tour plan and number of passengers, you can choose family cruises to accommodate a large group, less expensive cruises to fit into your budget or the cruises to experience diving adventures. Galapagos is one of the top diving places in the world. Experience the marine diversity here is simply amazing. Discover the magnificent underwater world here.